Sometimes it is necessary to add a navigation link containing a hashtag #. In SharePoint 2010 this was not an issue and the link would be added correctly and work as expected. One of the new features introduced in SharePoint 2013 is Minimal Download Strategy:

It is probably because of the introduction of this feature that the way how links are handled has been changed, even though the end result is the same whether or not the feature is actually activated. 

When we add a link with a #, eg.

We will discover that the # and anything after it has been removed.

The simple fix is to precede with the # with a question mark.

This way the link is not changed and will work as expected:

Only the internal links are affected, adding a link to an external resource (starting with http://) will work fine without the question mark:

Results in:

And ta-dah! now you can add an internal navigation link with a number sign or hashtag in SharePoint 2013. If you need more information on changes in SharePoint 2019  or for help from our local Aberdeen and Edinburgh Software team just reach out.


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