SharePoint Apps are the preferred choice for development in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and are becoming more and more popular to replace SharePoint Web Parts. When using an App on a site you may discover that there are some issues with the permissions of the App and an Access Denied Error may appear.

If a user experiences an error stating the following message when accessing an App or a page with an App Part added, there are two likely causes. The error would read: “Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource”.


As stated there are two likely causes of the above error:

1. The App doesn’t have the appropriate permissions applied2. The user (or permission group the user belongs to) does not have the appropriate permissions settings to allow for remote interfaces.

The first issue relates to the permissions set for the App when developing. In this example we’re going to look at the settings when developing an App in Napa, but the same principles apply if developing in Visual Studio. When developing your App you need to give it the appropriate permission levels. For example, if the App reads Data from a list on the site it needs read permissions on the web. If it creates a list it will need manage permissions etc.

To change the App permissions in Napa follow these Steps:

1. Select the Properties from the left navigation in Napa

2. On the Properties page select Permissions and change accordingly. In this example the App is creating a list on the site and therefore requires Manage permissions on the Web.

3. Be sure to click the Apply button at the bottom of the page after making your changes.

The second issue which could cause the access denied error is when a user doesn’t have the appropriate permissions. All default permission levels would allow access to an App so this is likely to arise in situations where a custom permissions level has been created or an existing one has been modified.

Within the settings of a permission level you need to make sure the following are checked in order for the user to access the App and avoid access denied errors.

If you are still having problems with permissions of your SharePoint app, comment below or reach out to us. 


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