1. SharePoint doesn’t run on Macs & iPadsErm, yes it does. Using Web Apps, you can edit any Office suite application in the browser on your Ipad without having to install Office for Mac.

2. SharePoint should be managed by IT Support

SharePoint should be monitored by IT, but managed by the business. SharePoint is a tool to be used throughout your business and should be driven by the users.

3. SharePoint is easy, just install it and see the benefits

While it is very intuitive, unless your business has a strategy for SharePoint, your team won’t know how or why to use it. Write a governance plan, train and keep revisiting.

4. SharePoint is only a glorified file store

The document management functionality is very good, but is only a small part of what SharePoint has to offer. Investigate what else it does.

5. SharePoint is for collaboration not for running critical lob systems

SharePoint is a framework on which you can integrate and enhance your LOB systems. In addition, it has the architecture and scalability to allow development of such systems, or to host 3rd party applications.

6. It always looks like SharePoint

Many websites are developed using SharePoint but you would never know from the look. In SharePoint 2013, it has become much easier to create radically different looking websites and intranets with your own corporate style.

7. Our IT department can install it

While the default installation may be fine for a POC or a small number of users, a full scale deployment needs to take best practice into account and is best left to the experts.

8. SharePoint shouldn’t need custom development

Granted, SharePoint offers you a lot of functionality straight out the box, but it can’t do everything. Often very small custom developments bring enormous benefits to your business

9. Everyone’s using it so we should too

Make sure you’re using it for the right reasons. SharePoint gives you a lot of functionality, but there are many specialist products out there that may be cheaper in the long run.

10. SharePoint is a one-off project!

SharePoint tends to be kicked off as a project but it’s an evolving system to run and grow with your business.?


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